If you’re selling your home, it is still a buyers’ market. What is one thing that you need to do to give your home the edge over others?

When people come into your house, the first things they see are the walls and the carpet. If a prospective buyer observes that the carpeting is clean and well cared for, it creates a mind-set that the rest of the home has been well cared for as well. Having your carpet cleaned and freshened increases the interior’s “curb appeal” without spending a lot of money.

We get use to our home’s smells, and they are not necessarily bad ones. Walking in to service our clients, we can often tell if the owners had pizza or Mexican food the night before, or have baked cookies recently. Carpeting not only hangs onto the soil, but also the scents. If you have children and animals, and lots of spills, having your carpet cleaned before having prospective buyers over is a must. Clean your carpet to give your home a fresh neutral smell.

It is true that home-buyers look consciously at kitchens and bathrooms  when house-hunting, but the carpet also registers unconsciously. A clean and freshened carpet will tell potential home buyers that you care about your home. This will influence them whether they realize it or not. If you have cooking, or pet odors especially, you can almost kiss the sale good-bye. Welcome the prospective buyer with a clean carpet, the best way to make the home feel like new.


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