What is the largest filter in your office or in your home? It is not you’re A/C unit. It’s your carpet.

Most people don’t think of their carpet as an air filter, but that’s exactly what it is. Thanks to gravity, that soft, plush textile under our feet catches all the crumbs, dust, allergens and hair that we live with each day. If we could replace our carpet semi-annually like we do our furnace and A/C air filters, there shouldn’t be a problem. So what are we to do?

In-depth studies conducted by top carpet and rug companies have found that as much as 75% of soil can be effectively removed with a high-efficiency vacuum. That is a tremendous help in combating premature carpet wear because those dry particulate soils will “cut” into the fibers, and will affect the appearance of your carpet.

Make sure that the vacuum in your home and office is running optimally.

▪   Check the vacuum bag and replace it BEFORE it gets full. Most vacuum owners wait too long to replace their vacuum bag. This cuts down on the airflow of your vacuum and greatly decreases it’s efficiency.

▪   Also checking the vacuum’s filters and rinsing them off (if made of foam) or replacing (if made of paper) will also help.

▪   Periodically checking the status of the brush roll / beater bar from hair and snagged debris is also a must. We need to make sure that it isn’t becoming clogged with hair or other objects (rubber bands, shoe strings or Puffy’s favorite chew toy.)

Executing these rather simple steps will ensure that we can all breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to cleaning our home or office’s largest air filters – our carpet. This is why you will find that Hadley’s ProClean will take the time to vacuum the carpet before cleaning it.

Additionally, carpet manufacturers recommend a professional carpet cleaning from at least twice a year, to eighteen months, depending on your area, lifestyle, and frequency of use.

Vacuumed when?

Vacuumed when?

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