Cat urine odor you say? Oh boy…

As you may have heard, foul odors can be tricky to annihilate, such as smoke and pet odors. In the carpet cleaning industry, it is always dreaded when a client calls up with odor issues involving cat urine. As with most spots on the carpet and upholstery, time is of the essence for treatment in order to avoid potentially permanent staining. But with pets, the spots are not always quickly discovered.

The chemistry is particularly troublesome in cat urine. Cats and dogs have acidic urine (below 7 on the pH scale; 7 being neutral), but in cats it is usually more concentrated due to low moisture diets. As their urine sits on the carpet and upholstery fibers, it changes to an alkaline solution (above 7 on the pH scale), and in that change, it decomposes to cause its odor and physically bonds and damages the fibers, creating an unsanitary, yellow-spotted-eyesore of a reminder of where “business” was conducted.

Below are some images taken to try to remedy the cat urine odor issue….

Carpet Cleaning Inspection

Inspecting the area


Urine odor treatment

Urine odor treatment

The carpet is thoroughly vacuumed and then pulled back. The subfloor is then cleaned and treated with an odor blocking sealer, which acts as a barrier to prevent air and moisture from coming in contact with the odor-causing salts and bacteria that have soaked way down in. The carpet is then saturated with an enzyme odor eliminator and left to dwell. Then it is extracted out, the carpet is cleaned and then efforts are taken to dry it out. But the process is not that quick and simple. It can take many hours, if not days, depending on the amount of furniture that needs to be cleared out and the size of the area that needs to be treated. This treatment, as you can imagine, is very time consuming and thus can be expensive, while it may not be entirely 100% guaranteed to work – especially when the animal is still around, and with its habit of leaving its mark.

With over 20 years of experience, we of Hadley’s ProClean have definitely seen our fair share of spots, stains and interesting situations. If this is a treatment process you have been contemplating, or wondering as to why some companies claim to 100% guarantee complete odor removal, give Hadley’s ProClean a call, and we would be more than happy to discuss this issue with you.

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