Okay… we are losing count of how often this issue is happening overall… for the third time this week alone, we have been called to clean up carpets where another local “big name” company had left off, in Placerville CA, El Dorado Hills CA, and in Folsom CA as well.  We hear  the same sort of complaints  from their now former customers each time. As summarized, this “big name” company has their name plastered in every printed thing possible, promising guaranteed, professional, state of the art carpet cleaning, but is frequently leaving their very unsatisfied “old” clients in a rush, with soggy carpets, an empty wallet, and spots that return, while reluctantly returning to fix their mess and leaving it with marginal improvements or just like they left it.  High overhead and high turnover of technicians, while seemingly playing a game of how much money can be made in as little time and effort as possible, are indicators of an unhealthy business and one that is not about the customer. That is not good for their customers to be complaining about.  Their ads and articles, of course, do not portray that, but you can pay to say anything about anything these days, as is the practice of this company. What matters is how you work and how you treat people that speaks louder, and longer.  It is truly a shame to the whole carpet cleaning industry to work in such a manner, and this truly angers us, even though it generates us lots of new and lasting business and referrals.

Okay… glad to get that off our chests….

We are not afraid of competition, by any means. In fact, we are in connection with several other carpet cleaners in the area that all do a fine job, of whom we have done business for when they needed help, and who we would gladly recommend when we in turn need the help.  Competition is not an issue, as there is plenty of soiled carpet around.  Hadley’s ProClean has been in the carpet cleaning, upholstery, tile and grout and natural stone cleaning business since 1991. We have the experience, and we treat all our clients professionally, honestly, and fairly, while doing the job right the first time. We value our clients trust, as many know we are trustworthy, since they hand us the house keys for lock up and often blank checks to fill out once we are finished. Hadley’s ProClean is here to serve our community with our very best.  Our experience, and thorough detail oriented cleaning methods with use of low moisture, encapsulation cleaning meets superior results, dries very quickly, where no reappearing issues occur, and is not dependent upon favorable weather conditions!

And now, we are off once again to clean up where they left off….




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