Slip Resistance

Hadley’s ProClean | Slip Resistant Floor Treatment

In order to significantly reduce the risk of slipping and potential injury, we offer a Slip Resistant floor treatment anywhere there is the threat of slippery stone, tile and grout entryways, bathtubs, and other surfaces. It maintains all State and Federal OSHA and ADA recommendations for slip resistance under wet conditions. It is a clear treatment that microscopically etches and creates a crystalline structure without altering the appearance and feel of the treated surface. One treatment makes tile, marble, granite, terrazzo, or cement slip-resistant for a minimum of five years.

Hadley’s Proclean |Recommended Steps For Safe Flooring

Based on reports from the ceramic tile Institute of America Incorporated, the objective of their recommendations is to reduce the risk and financial cost of slips and falls on all types of flooring materials, especially in commercial, industrial and public property settings. These slip and fall accidents cause  about 1200 deaths, and in the workplace alone about $4 billion in costs to lost productivity and compensation expenses in the United States alone every year.
There are many benefits of maintaining good slip resistance on your flooring, including reduction in injuries and suffering; reduced insurance premiums from lower three-year losses; reduced risk of lawsuits from visitors to the property; reduced costs from employee falls or slip-related ergonomic injuries; and increased customer traffic, particularly from the elderly or pregnant customers who are more aware of flooring hazards.

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