Commercial Carpet, Upholstery, and Hard Surface Cleaning

At Hadley’s we understand that each business is unique and has different needs for carpet and flooring care. Retail establishments, restaurants or hotels may need an aggressive, frequent cleaning due to excessive use and consistent staining from foot traffic. Others, such as upper office floors may need far fewer cleanings, and only require light carpet maintenance on an infrequent schedule.
Whatever the situation Hadley’s is here to serve you. We have extensive experience in a variety of commercial settings and we are highly skilled in the most effective commercial floor cleaning techniques in the industry.
Services offered include…
• VLM Bonnet Extraction
• VLM Dry Compound Extraction
• Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning
• Hot Water Extraction
• Tile and Grout Cleaning
• VCT Recoating and Restoration
• Composite Vinyl Cleaning
• Upholstery, Office Chair, and Cubical

The Hadley’s deep cleaning process (sometimes referred to a VLM or very low moisture) means that the carpets can be walked on immediately after a cleaning. This means ZERO down time, ZERO moisture issues, and ZERO soggy odors. Our method is also considered GREEN and uses non-toxic cleaning solutions making it safe for your customers and employees.

The Hadley’s Difference
Choosing Hadley’s Commercial Floor Maintenance offers the peace of mind knowing that your facility’s floors will be clean, well maintained, and protected the right way. You’ll be prolonging the life of your investment and your corporate image will be enhanced and acknowledged.
Our highly trained team of professional technicians will keep your work environment looking great, smelling fresh, well-maintained and problem free at all times.

As a leading provider in commercial carpet cleaning and floor maintenance services, we have an outstanding reputation for quality and integrity. We provide first-in-class floor cleaning solutions in any commercial setting.
Hadley’s Commercial Cleaning offers:

• Customized office and business carpet cleaning services to suit your needs and budget – we can create a program to clean once, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or whenever you need, and at a time that suits you best.
• Flexibility – Hadley’s is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• Green, environmentally friendly cleaning products to help prevent allergies and safeguard the health of employees and clients.
• Quiet, efficient and effective commercial floor cleaning services.
• On-site inspections – to monitor our teams and find out how we can keep improving our services to offer even high standards.
• FREE service quotes and consultations