Carpet Cleaning Office

Carpet cleaning an office area – before and after

Even though it isn’t 100% perfect, as who knows how long grimy shoes have been grinding into this soft fiber berber carpet in El Dorado county, our carpet cleaning efforts restored it far beyond the original unsightly, unsanitary conditions we found it in. While it did take a bit of effort with carefully selected prespray cleaners, agitation, low moisture extraction and environmentally safe spotting solutions, our clients and us are very satisfied. Plus, it’s dry and ready to use again! Yes, we take the time to do it right.

We see this issue quite often, and sometimes it isn’t so much that the carpet around the plastic office mat is dirty, but quite worn. As a white cotton t-shirt gradually looks dingy from dirt and use, the same sort of thing happens with carpet. Carpet and upholstery fibers wear down and form micro-scratches that get imbedded with dirt and whatnot. Carpet cleaning removes most of this gray dinge, but the physical damage cannot be reversed. The carpet and upholstery has “grayed out.” Preventative measures, such as vacuuming regularly and tackling spots quickly will protect from issues like this going too far. Also, believe it or not, the plastic office mats can be problematic. For some, the plastic / resins haven’t cured properly and are of a low grade. That plastic smell / off gassing, while isn’t good for air quality, can bleach the carpet. So after a while, if the area underneath the plastic office mat looks much brighter than the rest of the room, well… now you know why. If only we knew how to grow carpet…. But until then, you can trust us to take the time and effort to make it right.

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